Parent Baptismal Preparation

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Parent Baptismal Preparation


Conducted by Deacon Pablo Salas this program is usually individual sessions.  Contact Deacon Pablo directly to make arrangements for the class and for the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism.  

303-534-4882 Parish Office

Requirements for Godparents:

1.      Parents must register with the church if not already registered.

2.      Child must be under 7 years of age and a copy of his birth certificate is required

3.      Godparents must be over age of 16 baptized, confirmed and attend mass on a regular basis – we will require proof of the sacraments received

4.      If Godparent is married, must have been married in the church

5.      Godparents do not have to be married to one another

6.      If 2 Godparents one must be male and one female

A baptized non-Catholic may not be a sponsor but may be a witness if sponsor is Catholic.

A non-baptized person may not serve as witness or godparent